What I Have Missed About Boise

Regrettably, I must admit I have not stopped to pay attention to my surroundings lately. Somehow, I forgot the sights and sounds of Boise until this past week. It took a Group One Wednesday night bike ride from the office to Lucky 13 to remind myself.

I had to ride out alone after the group had left to finish up at my desk.  Not a bad thing, really. Once I left the office on Boise’s Greenbelt, I was surprised at what I saw. What I heard. What I was listening to. And, what I experienced.

A father and son walking along the path in silence. A mother and daughter speaking in a foreign language, walking arm in arm. Children squealing on the playground equipment at Municipal Park. Families riding their bikes together on the greenbelt. Kids at Natatorium playing and jumping in the pool.  Birds calling and singing. Dogs barking. Golf balls being struck to the next hole. Tennis racquets hitting hard. People laughing, people talking, people calling to one another. Barbecues in full swing. Softball games starting up. Other bikers whizzing by. Roller bladers trying it out for the first time. Joggers keeping pace. Tableside restaurant diners soaking up the sun and good food. Cars humming by.  Looking at the construction off Warm Springs for new homes which equals new jobs. The sound of Boise River in high flow.  Trees rustling in the breeze. A lot of smiling faces.

I love living in Boise. I am so glad to be back.

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